Tuesday, October 8, 2019


Hello everyone!

I'm pained to deliver news today that while the blog was back up and running, I have to step back for a few weeks.

1 - I'm headed off to the OzarkCreativeWriters conference. I so need this weekend more than ever.
2 - I received word this morning my oldest sister has passed. Her death was unexpected. Thankfully, I have Bob's help today as I try to organize and pack for the conference
3 - Bob is home until the 22nd. He leaves back out on his birthday.
I am reminded yet again just how precious time is with our loved ones and I'm going to spend every minute smothering him with love while he's home... you know, like I always do. He is my hero, afterall.

I hope you'll excuse me and allow me this time to grieve and regroup.


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