Thursday, July 24, 2014


A little something different today. I thought I would introduce you to my co-worker.
This is Spirit. He is a 5th generation Black Panther... all 12 pounds of him. He turned 7 on Good Friday and is my baby... or as Bob calls him 'Momma's Boy' (Bob watched too much Bambi LOL)

As a 9 week old young kitten, Bob spoiled him. He has to lay in the crook of Bob's arm and snooze while we have our coffee. So when Bob's gone, this is where he and I have coffee. I have to watch that he doesn't snuggle up against the vent on the laptop. I'd have to fire him if he shut my computer down.  But after about an hour, he's ready to go in search of somewhere more comfortable.

Writer Tip for this week:  Get a co-worker. They can be distracting but also a bright spot in your day.


  1. Awesome post, Angela. I agree! As does my 10 lb Chihuahua, Minnie Mo.

  2. Every time I see a post like this, I start thinking about getting a pet. But then I get over it.