Tuesday, May 5, 2015


Blurb: A small group of reapers and supernatural beings in Meridian, Arkansas are all that stands between humanity and the apocalypse when a fallen angel stages a demonic invasion. In their battle to save the world, each will meet his or her match, discovering the power of love…and the importance of risking everything to protect it.

Yeah... today is all about my favorite reaper/ author.. Lisa Medley. I love her covers almost as much as I love the series. If you've not read these, what are you waiting for? In the mean time, let's get to know Lisa.

1) Why do you write? I write primarily about monsters in love. My Reaper Series is dark urban fantasy and Haunt My Heart is paranormal romance. I am currently working on a sci-fi/space opera romance called Space Cowboys & Indians (available Fall 2015) and while there is a monster (alien), alas, it will have no love.

2) What is your ‘Daily Mantra’ for writing? What gets you to your keyboard above other activities? Time to make the words. I like watching that word count accumulate, and I track it on a notebook page by my laptop so it’s very visual. I don’t write every day, but I average around 500-1000 words an hour. A couple of hours in the evening after everyone has gone to bed can still be very productive.

3) What is the best writing advice you ever received? Stop writing in the passive tense. I didn’t even realize I was doing it, but as soon as a seasoned author in my writing group pointed it out, I saw it and corrected it. Live and write in the moment! Make those scenes active not passive.

4) What is your favorite genre to write and why? I like the fantastic and the more monsters the better. I’ve just always been drawn to the things that go bump in the night. I just don’t like human monsters. They are truly scary.

5) What is the one key career you remember from your childhood of wanting to be when you grew up? Oh man! I first wanted to be a marine biologist like Jacque Cousteau. Of course, I live in the Midwest so that was problematic. Also, apparently there is a lot of math in science involved in that career choice. Problem number two. The second option was journalism. That didn’t pan out either. I ended up being an English Teacher for three dog years and now I work as a blood drive consultant for a local blood bank. Yep, I’m a vampire. Go figure.


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