Wednesday, January 20, 2016

AMERICAN MAIL-ORDER BRIDE - Lucie - Bride of Virginia

I am so excited for the next book I'm showcasing in the American Mail-Order Bride series. A bit of history - Tennessee was a 'divided' states during the Civil War. In fact, there is a park on the west side of the city with the division markers.

Today, we welcome author, Heidi Vanlandingham with her book, Lucie - Bride of Tennessee.  If you need a refresher in where these girls originated and what put them on this journey to find husbands, you can read the free prequel HERE.

Here's how Lucie's story began:
I attended RT and met Kirsten and a bunch of other wonderful PH authors. Kirsten asked Callie Hutton if she wanted to be a part of AMOB and Callie graciously asked if I could be a part of this fantastic group too. Kirsten said I already was, which floored me. I needed that gigantic boost of confidence. I chose Tennessee because of the state’s beauty. I’ve been there many times, driving to and from Virginia (where my mother is from) and fell in love with Chattanooga.

To protect her brother, Lucie Croft becomes a mail-order bride. For his daughter, Sebastian McCord decides to take a wife.

Two people overwhelmed by life…

Will they find love and create a family where there was none, or will life conspire to keep them apart?


Lucie’s gaze moved from the sheriff’s to Mr. McCord’s then back with a slight frown. “Sheriff, you said you needed to discuss something with me about my intended?” She tried to control the shivers taking control of her body.

He gave her a short nod. “All right, ma’am. I came to tell you Mr. Crenshaw was found dead this morning. I would’ve been by the station sooner, but my deputy didn’t come across your letter until about an hour ago.”

She stared, unable to move. Her lungs refused to take in air as despair filled her heart. “What are we going to do now?” she whispered, grabbing for her brother’s hand. The room darkened; the men’s faces in front of her blurred. The small shivers turned to more pronounced shakes. She let out a small cry as she fell to the floor.

Heidi Vanlandingham writes young adult & adult paranormal as well as historical fiction. She lives in Oklahoma--a lone female in a house of males. Because her muse has a touch of OCD, when she’s not writing, devouring a book, or playing baseball mom, Heidi loves going to antique & vintage stores, taking long walks, and even longer road trips.

AMERICAN MAIL-ORDER BRIDE - Lucie - Bride of Tennessee is available on Kindle

Heidi is giving away a FREE copy of Trail Of Hope.  To enter, please leave a comment below telling us why you are looking forward to reading Lucie's story and your email so we may contact you in the event that you win. Good Luck!

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