Monday, January 25, 2016


Last week, I introduced you to VJ Schultz's new book, How to Eat an Elephant - 2016 I also listed my 'writing' goals.

1 - Finish rough drafts of two manuscript series'
2 - Polish A Christmas to Remember
3 - Submit more freelance

Once you've determined your Elephant and carved him up into sections (my 1, 2, 3 above), it's time to cut him into even smaller pieces. This is done by determining what you will do each month.

Write rough of Book 2 in the Branson series (JANO)
Query Writers Markets for potential freelance
List potential topics for Writers Digest articles

From there, we cut those marinated pieces up into 'bites' we can manage on a WEEKLY basis:
Week 1& 2 were a wash for me.
With Bob gone over the holidays, we have spent the first two weeks of the year celebrating Christmas and being together (thus the reason these blog posts on goals are a tad later than I'd have liked)

Week 3: I submitted 2 queries to the Songwriters Market (Writers Digest publication) and am waiting to hear if either have been accepted.
1 - Key ingredients to a hit song.
     With that topic in mind I've already contacted management for three artists and gotten approval
     for interviews
2 - Using Twitter for marketing

I still haven't started the JANO book. Yikes! There are only 14 days left!(I'm writing this on the 18th) I wrote the rough of Somewhere Down the Line in 18 days so I COULD do this but it's going to be tough. That said, nothing is more important than the time I spend with Bob. Even if it means not writing. He is only home one more week. Two nights of that he'll be gone and I can dive into writing the story swirling in my head. After he leaves, I'll have 5 days to write myself into a coma. :-)

Have you picked up your copy of How to Eat an Elephant? There's still time you jump in and set your goals to paper.

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