Monday, June 26, 2017

MARKET MONDAY - Twitter Part 4

How was your week? Are you getting reactions to your posts? Are they being liked/ retweeted? Great!

No? Really? There should be some activity. At least once a week, add to your followers. If someone likes/ retweets one of your tweets, click on their name and learn about them. If they are paying attention to your tweets they find what you have to say valuable and are a great person to follow. Sometimes people want to follow you, but they'll hold back. They'll retweet or like one of your posts to see how YOU react.

Remember... this is a SOCIAL medium. This is conference networking on a much larger scale.

And within this virtual conference of networking you'll find a unique way to get involved in conversations. If you look on your left sidebar you'll see #'s with words/ phrases next to them. These are topics that are Trending. There are also topics of conversations that happen on specific days.

As I type this, there is a trending topic #BadThingsToHearInTheDark.... Hmmm you may find fodder for a new story in that one. Today (May 28th) is also #NationalHamburgerDay

This is the last installment in Twitter. If you have questions, you can always leave something in my comments or use the Contact Me on my side bar... or better yet, DM me on Twitter and I'm happy to help.

Tweet Tweet

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