Wednesday, July 11, 2018


After multiple rounds of Kindle refusing to download my copy, I finally exported the file to word, downloaded to my Duo-Link flash drive and headed off to Applebee's with that and my iPad. 
This story kept me wiping BBQ from my fingers to scroll through page after page as I got caught up in Gillian's life.. and what a busy life she leads.

While I'm not a fan of first person, Addison Brae did give the feeling of being introduced to the large circle of characters from BECKER CIRCLE. I don't think any other point of view would have worked for this story.

Leaving Boston and an abusive boyfriend behind, Gilliam moves to Dallas for a new start. Despite what her ex tried to make her believe, she is smart and tough. Her smile draws people like moths to a flame, making her night-gig as a bartender at the George & Dragon Pub a perfect way to meet other people residing in the trendy district of Becker Circle. While she becomes friends with most everyone she meets, she only knows Bobby briefly, enough to know he's the connection if you want 'party' supplies. While his drug sales is low-key, anyone who knows Bobby can't believe the man committed suicide when he falls from his condo balcony onto the brick patio of the George & Dragon.

Bartender/ sleuth, Gillian teams up with Jon, a local musician to prove murder. But why? By whom?
She goes undercover to discover the truth, a path that could get her killed. Those guys don't play nice or appreciate nosey people snooping around. 

There are two things Gillian knows she can count on. People she knows have her back, including Jon, Detective Jeff and Pinkie, the owner of a competing bar. The other are the rules she creates for herself at the end of each situation, so she doesn't repeat the same patterns as she builds her new life.

One scene in particular had my attention. Jon takes her to dinner at an Italian eatery, that as I read about the place, I was transported back to my time in Dallas a couple of years ago to a Romantic Times Convention. My friend, Pam, and I visited an Italian restaurant around the corner from The Adolphus Hotel. True Italian dining atmosphere. Great food, treat you like family from the get go. If you're in the downtown Dallas area, I encourage you to pick up a copy of BECKER CIRCLE and go have lunch. I don't remember the name, but someone from the Adolphus can direct you easy enough.

I did find a couple of mechanical issues but they do not detract from the story.. just something an editing eye catches easier than most.


. 8

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