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AUTHOR SPOTLIGHT - Addison Brae + A Giveaway!

This week we have the very talented Addison Brae with us. 


Addison Brae lives in Dallas, Texas on the edge of downtown. As a child, she was constantly in trouble for hiding under the bed to read when she was supposed to be napping. She has been writing since childhood starting with diaries, letters and short stories. She continues today with articles, video scripts and other content as an independent marketing consultant. 
When she’s not writing, Addison spends her time traveling the world, collecting interesting cocktail recipes and hosting parties. She’s still addicted to reading and enjoys jogging in her neighborhood park, sipping red wine, binge-watching TV series, vintage clothing and hanging out with her artistic other half and their neurotic cat Lucy.
Thanks for being here, Addison. Let's open the door to the readers, shall we?
I ask our guest five questions. Then I give the a list to choose three from. Here were my five for Addison:
I’m always asked ‘where do you get your ideas’. So, where do you get yours?

Story ideas come from life experiences, dreams, people I’ve met, and what’s going on in the world. I’ve been working a lot professionally with artificial intelligence that’s got a fascinating romantic suspense brewing in my head. A conversation with an author inspired Becker Circle. I mentioned being in a hurry to make it to my friend’s bachelorette party. She asked me why someone our age would go to a bachelorette party. The answer was simple. “My friend’s getting married.” I was at the beginning of a fresh start, and our conversation made me realize how stuck in social norms and expectations we are. The next day, I started a blog that led to this book.

Which comes first, the story, the characters, or the setting?
The characters came first in Becker Circle. During my fresh start, I met many interesting characters while traveling and at home. If you read the Becker Circle reviews, you’ll see how people are intrigued by the neighborhood bar characters. Although everyone is purely fiction, some are mashups of people I know. Some are based on stories I’ve heard. Some are inspired by real people – like Whistle Bitch – a real bartender we met at an all-night bar/diner in Seattle near the Space Needle. She whistled while she worked and earned the nickname from her coworkers.

Which of your heroines most represent you, or the ‘you’ you’d like to be? Why?
Hmmm…the main character Gillian and her best friend Lauren both inspire me. Lauren is the perfect friend who tells it like it is. With Gillian, I learned I can control the destiny of any situation or character, and that’s very empowering! I just wish life was as easy.

What is the single most important part of writing for you?
I write for a living for clients but rarely get to write about topics I choose, and I always have to get approval. Writing fiction allows me a creative outlet—to be free.

What’s the most romantic thing a guy can do (or has done) for you?
Don’t try to change me. Let me be me and accept me that way I am.

Addison's 3:

How long have you been writing - have you always wanted to be a writer?
I first started writing diaries, letters and short stories when I was little, then wrote professionally in college for commercial audiences. Today I pay the bills writing articles, video scripts and other content as an independent marketing consultant. Writing fiction is another story. I started my first manuscript in 2009 but didn’t tell a soul until I had 30,000 words written. That’s way more words than I had ever gotten down on the page. When I reached that point, I knew I could finish a novel.

What is your writing routine once you start a book?
Diving into the story’s world is the best way for me to build a realistic world in a book. I wrote a good bit of Becker Circle sitting at bars around the United States. Talking to bartenders and patrons was truly inspiring since much of the story takes place around the bar scene.

City Girl or Country Girl
City girl definitely. I live in a town home on the edge of downtown with a breath-taking view of the Dallas skyline from our rooftop deck. I love being in the heart of a city. We’re near Deep Ellum, downtown, Cedars, Lower Greenville and many of Dallas’ best entertainment. I do adore a vacation exploring nature as long as there’s a real bathroom, a shower and preferably a mini bar.

Great tidbits!  Now, let's talk about your book:

My first and only boyfriend believed I was too gutless to leave. He was dead wrong. My name’s Gillian, and I graduated Harvard early and left his hot temper and everyone else behind for Dallas. Determined to make it on my own, I land a second job bartending at the neighborhood pub smack in drama central where most every jerk in the neighborhood hits on me—at a huge price. A week into the job, the neighborhood’s very popular drug dealer falls to his death a few feet from the table I’m serving. The cops say suicide, but the hot guitar player in the house band and I suspect foul play, and I intend to prove it. We dig deeper, grow closer, and make a shocking discovery. We know the murderer. Watch the trailer.
A portion of the author proceeds will go to Hope’s Door New Beginning Center to help fight domestic abuse.

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Mixers, whisky brands, and vodka flavors run through my head down the six flights of stairs and on the short walk to the first shift of my new night job. My jacket shields me from the cold as I step through the circles of light shining on the dark red brick sidewalk. A couple jogs by totally into one another, and three guys who were probably high school stars toss a football near the fountain yelling back for not throwing right.

What am I doing? Am I invisible? Everyone’s with someone like I was. Taking the CPA job in Dallas seemed like such a great idea. It’s where no one knows me. Away from Connor. Before he had a chance to break me.
Rule one of my new life—forget about what already happened. Period.

Just as I turn the corner toward the tree-lined park, someone rams into me from behind. I gulp a breath as he twists me to the ground, dragging me along by the arm. The strap to my purse connects me to a guy who looks barely old enough to drive until he yanks it away. The purse holding the cash I have to live on until I get paid, my ID, one credit card, and proof I took an exam today.
The purse Mom gave me for my eleventh birthday.

“Stop!” I struggle to untwist my legs and sprint toward the strap dragging behind him. “No!” The distance between us widens.

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