Thursday, September 26, 2019


Today is National Pancake Day. Since it's also my birthday, I'll have a short stack of pancakes and maybe some bacon for my  breakfast before my sister and brother-in-law arrive for a 4-day fun packed weekend of crafting (well, at least for my sister. Steve is in charge of the remote and a recliner)

My daughter, Sue, also celebrates a birthday today.

When she was pre-teen, her bedroom was across the hall from the sun room where I had my office. She told me once she found the tapping of the keys on the IBM Selectra soothing to fall asleep to.

There are days I miss that electric typerwriter. I have a manual I still use for typing up words/ phrases for my junk journals but nothing beats that soft touch of the IBM Selectra.

What do you use when you write?

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