Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Nano Begins

Well, for the first time in eight years I'm starting without an outline. It's pretty scary territory for me. I know Chris Baty's big thing is No Plot? No Problem! But I'm also willing to bet he's a pantster. I write faster when I know where I'm going. I don't need a GPS when I know the area - don't even like them. But when I'm getting into new territory, I feel safer towards others when I have someone or something telling me how to get there.

I do know a few things about this story.
I know the Heroine's name is Jessie and that she's running back home to TX from an abusive relationship. Been there. I can write this.
I don't know the Hero's name. All I know is he's in the Texas Music business. I'm known as the 'trusted on-line voice of Texas Music' so I should be able to write this.
I do know there is a not so nice woman wanting her hooks in the Hero - so there's a bit of conflict. I also know Jessie's X comes to TX to find her and teams up with nasty woman to create more problems.
I know that at least one pivotal scene must take place in a specific honkytonk (as ordained by the submission call for The Wild Rose Press).
And I know that because The Wild Rose Press wants their Honkytonk Hearts series to end in HEA, then this story has a happy ending.

Okay... maybe I have more than I thought. Guess it's time to get this story written. The Wild Rose Press is only contracting approximately fifteen stories for this series. I'd really like to work with Stacy and TWRP team. They're good people. And I love the storyline.

So here we go!

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