Monday, November 7, 2011

Nano Week 1


I've not written as much as I should have by now. But considering the story actually began to gel for me yesterday (Note, that would be Day 6), I'm doing pretty good!

I know my hero - Brent McCormack is back on his parents' ranch after being disillusioned by the commercialism of Nashville. (Have I got a lesson for him!) He has given up his dream of being the next Garth Brooks but not of playing the Texas music he is passionate about.

I know my heroine - Jessie Daniels. She's been physically and emotionally abused. She's back home where she feels safe. Safe goes right out the window when Brent McCormack walks into the Blue Plate Diner where she's waiting tables. He's not the boy she remembers hanging with her older brother back in high school. But he is still the same person who got her brother killed four years previous. Seeing him flares up a smoldering pain... and something else.

I know I'll be featuring the Texas music community I've come to love.
I know Brent and Jessie will wind up Happily Ever After.
I know where I'm going so when one scene isn't working, I can jump around and still come up with a daily word count.

What I DON'T know...
is what the pivotal scene is that HAS to take place in The Lonesome Steer.

But it will come to me. Just like the rest of this has.

I'll be busy writing the rest of this week. But Friday is Veteran's Day and I have a Special Guest for Fast Five Friday. You won't want to miss getting to know this man!

Happy Writing!

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