Monday, November 9, 2015


Week 1 is done and I am far short of where I wanted to be. The crazy thing is I can not seem to get a handle on this story. I know what the internal issues are for both of my characters but something just hasn't gelled yet. I know I'll get there. I usually do. And when the story clicks, the words pour.  

Normally I am a :

While I do not plan everything down to the minute detail I do have an idea of what is going to happen when in each chapter. My problem, is I've not taken time to do that this year. I'm afraid if I do take the time to plan, I will lose valuable writing time. 

So for now, I am a:

This form of writing drives me insane and is probably why I'm struggling with my word count so far.

There is one badge NanoWrimo does not provide... the Quilter:

While I am a planner, I do not usually write in chronological order. I write scenes as they grab me then piece everything together in the end.

How do you write? Planner? Pantser? A little bit of both? Or do you have your own style? What works for you?

Creative Blessings!

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