Monday, November 23, 2015

MONDAY CHECK IN and WINNER Announcement!

While we did not get this much snow over the weekend, the skiff we did receive was a gentle reminder that winter is upon us and the holidays coming fast.

I did not do as much writing as I'd hoped over the weekend, though I did add about 700 words to my JANO 2015 Branson story. What I wound up doing was lots of shopping. And some decision making.

Before I get to that, let me first announce our WINNER in the American Mail Order Bride Series -
Lottie - Bride of Delaware from author Kit Morgan.

Using (I never can get that screen shot to work right), The Winner is -

Cindy Jones!

Congratulations, Cindy! Kit will be contacting you regarding your Free Download.
This Wednesday we have Shanna Hatfield joining us. Shanna will be sharing her book - 
Dacey - Bride of North Carolina.  Shanna will also be giving away a copy of Dacey's story to one lucky person leaving a comment. 

* * * 

My week is harried - as always. I want to add more to the JANO book. Sadly, the Nano project has tanked. But I'm not concerned. I just think Trevor and Kim's story isn't ready to be told yet. I can wait. 

Other than the American Mail Order Bride posts that will run every Wednesday, I will be finished with personal Blog Posts after Friday. I always take the month of December off to enjoy my family and prepare for the coming year. 

Many Blessings~!

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