Monday, April 9, 2018


I'm afraid I did very little on the revisions last week. I spent the first part of the week doing some deep cleaning - both in the laundry room and in my office. The laundry room got the deep clean because that was its week in my Fly Lady and the space really needed a clean out.

The office was for good reason. I was determined to find my sofa so that I could sit there and write in the evening. Not the prettiest thing but it's comfortable. I did get a couple hours in on Tuesday and Wednesday. I also discovered this isn't going to work writing by hand. Maybe as a first draft, but not with revisions. So the clearing of the sofa for the purpose of writing was for naught LOL

Tuesday afternoon, I realized Bear, my Great Pyreneese/ Chow mix wasn't feeling well. He had good and bad days all week. Friday I thought sure I was losing him so asked the vet to stop out Saturday morning. Guess who ate and was wagging his tail by the time Doc Mike showed up? Yep, that would be Bear.

He still isn't himself but he's almost 14 years old. Doc said he seems happy and that I should let him be happy as long as he has left. So every day I spoil him with wet food, warm milk and lots of lovin'.  While I was worrying about him, I just could not get my mind on the revisions. Nothing mattered except keeping my baby comfortable.

I hope to be back to working on the revisions again tonight with the new plan in place. I'll let you know my progress on Friday.

In the mean time, I'm shining the Spotlight on author Kryssie Fortune. Stop by and say hello, won't you?

Creative Blessings

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