Wednesday, May 2, 2018

REVIEW WEDNESDAY - How To Market A Book...

As most of you probably know, marketing a book in today's publishing world falls on the author's shoulders - for the most part. Sometimes an author gets lucky with some assistance from their publisher but the bulk  of the legwork is solely in the hands of the author... and a team he/she puts in place.

Tierney James has the path to marketing paved with solid steps anyone can take to insure their book has a promising outcome throughout the process. From building your platform before your book even sees the light of day to hitting the book signings.

With her friendly writing style, going through this book is like have a one-on-one conversation with Tiereny James. While her information is fabulous, she doesn't pretend to know it all. Instead, she brings in experts in various fields that have helped her build her brand and market her books, shining the spotlight on others. These experts explain not only what you should have but WHY the method works. You'll learn what you should have on a website, what you need to do ahead of time by creating yourself as a marketable commodity and a time line for what you should be doing when along your path to publication and after.

There is a hard copy of this book in my future. As I read the eBook I found a lot of things that while I knew about them in the back of my mind, being able to highlight them for future reference is a must in my reference library.

Speaking of referencing, I will be using HOW TO MARKET A BOOK Someone Besides Your Mother Will Read during my talk at the Ozark Creative Writers Conference October 11-13, 2018. Tiereny James is planning to attend so come on out and meet her, pick up a few books and loads of tips about making your book marketing a SUCCESS!

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