Thursday, May 10, 2018

WRITERS' TIP plus review - Kristin Wallace

This week's tip comes from USA Today Best Selling Author, Kristin Wallace.

Well, the advice I usually give is two-fold. 

1. Finish the book. - You’d be surprised how many people start out wanting to write a book, but never finish it. I always say just power through to the end. Even if it’s awful, at least you’ve proven that you CAN finish. It’s a bit psychological I guess. 

2. Do something with the book. - Now this is after it’s ready, of course. it’s the flip side of people who don’t complete the first draft. It's the people who "fix and fix and fix", but never get to the point where they are “done” with the book. It’s the other psychological point perhaps. Whether you self-publish or query editors/agents to go the traditional route, at some point you have to send "your baby" out to be judged by others. No one wants to hear that they’re baby is ugly, so they never send it at all. 

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I apologize for the late review. My husband is my #1 focus so when he got called back out to work on Wednesday, spending the last few moments with him was my only focus. He left at 5:30 last night and I curled up with the book.

LEAST LIKELY HEIRESS is a mix of everything you want in a great romance - even a romantic comedy as this story gives you points that make you laugh, scenes that make you cheer for the heroine and feel sorry for the hero.

Eve Bennett may be from the 'wrong side of the tracks' but that makes her the perfect heroine to go up against two other ladies - all vying for the right to the Armington fortune and caregiver to the priced pig, Matilda.

Yes, you heard me, a pig. But I'll leave you to read and find out all the details on that note.

What I can tell you is that Kristin Wallace has crafted some great characters and has shown her ability at revealing who they are inside by peeling back the layers a little at a time as the situation calls. She doesn't dump everything on you at once.

Cameron Reed reminds me of Rock Hudson... especially in an early scene at the Armington Estate pool. He has fallen hard for Eve and each step in the Heiress Games gives him one more reason to cheer for her.

I'm making this review short because I want to finish the book. I'm pretty sure how it ends but I don't want to give my suspicions away. What I do hope is that you'll discover the fun of the Heiress Games and this LEAST LIKELY HEIRESS for yourself. Leave a comment for your chance to win an Amazon Gift Card. I'll be doing the drawing on Saturday morning!

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