Thursday, May 3, 2018


Sincerest apologies for this late posting. Rough night. Moving slow. 

Tierney James gives practical, yet important advice for anyone who wants to be a writer:

One of the things I've discovered by accident, is if you are a writer then you must write. Always. Everyday. In your sleep. Driving. Don't shut the characters out of your life just because a daily routine or job takes you elsewhere. I once heard author David Baldacci say if he didn't write each day his characters started talking and complaining to him. It was a relief to know my characters did the same thing. No medication needed! Some days I don't get but a couple of lines onto paper, a blog post ready or a thank you note to a friend. BUT I WRITE. It's like playing the piano. You must practice your craft to make beautiful word music for your readers. Don't give those characters a reason to complain. 

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  1. Thank you, great tip. I am out of town and been thinking about it, and feel like something is "off". I will write tonight!