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Welcome to another week where we feature an author and get to peek inside their Writer's Nest. This week, we're getting to know B. D. Storey.

Now, I hear some of you saying 'he's a man!'  Good for you! I'm not gender biased here in The Writer's Zone. I'm about the story... and the ability for a writer to give us a satisfying read. B. D. Storey accomplishes this in his book.. Fate Takes A Hike

Before we get to the review, let's learn a bit about B. D. :

A lover of both PC and console games, Bob has spent many hours immersed in the lands of role playing and make-believe with friends and family. This is where his love of writing took off as he and his online friends spent hours writing epic tales of fantasy, love, and adventuring. Oh, and dragon slaying. One can’t forget that.

He is married to his best friend and love of his life, Pam. They live on their small ranch/farm in Clarksville where Pam keeps him busy with the multitude of chores that come with having three horses and four cats. He has three great kids who are the lights of their life.

An avid reader, he enjoys reading sci-fi, fantasy, space opera, spending hours in the tales spun by Tolkien, Zahn, Weber, and Drake, just to name a few.

My Review:
Jacob and Josie have both suffered great loss in their life - losses they believed were their soulmates. Neither feel they'll ever love again. They don't even attempt to find new companionship. But Fate has a different story to tell. What starts as a simple hike to clear her head brings Josie uncomfortably close to Jacob. A meeting that will have you cheering for both of them from the get go. 

Normally, I'm not fond of the F word and I don't believe you necessarily need the bomb or an anatomy lesson to tell a good story. That said, the elements mentioned make the characters - all of them - more realistic. I read the book in one sitting. I could not put the kindle down. I promise, you will smile, sigh, laugh throught the journey and I'm even betting tears by the end. Happy or Sad tears? I'll let you read and discover for yourself.


You can purchase your copy via the following links:

You will find B. D. Storey by clicking on the links below. He loves to hear from his readers.

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