Monday, March 9, 2020


Today is National Barbie Day. 
How many of you ladies reading this played with Barbie dolls? How many of you wanted to be Barbie - or at the very least look like her? Be pretty? Be popular? Have cool friends?

I know I did. I am happy to see Mattel stepping up their game over the past few years and bringing Barbie into the 21st cenutry. 

So tell me, share your favorite Barbie memory.

My current project is slow going. I've been really focused on trying to find the studio. Then last night I managed to flood the basement. Adding that to my schedule today, writing time tonight may be only a thought in passing. 

I'm still finding out things about my heroine. During a writing session over the weekend she experienced a devastating blow. .. the dark moment in the story. I just need the part leading up to that so I can bring you along for the battle. 

I'm currently reading The Little Teashop On Main by  Jodi Thomas. Great read!
Jodi will be kicking off our Writer's Nest series on March 27th. I hope you'll come back and say hello for that!

Happy Reading!

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