Tuesday, March 31, 2020


Do you remember your prom?

I do. I never got to attend. My dad was about READING WRITING 'RITHMATIC... nothing else mattered.

My best friend (and still is today) got to go and I was blessed with my class key from our Jr./ Sr. prom. Everyone should have a friend like Karen.

Writing Challenge for today -

1 - have a character reminisce about their prom. Maybe your Hero/ Heroine knew each other 'way back when'. This could create some great tension between your characters

2 - Chic Lit time... have your character and her high school bestie come togther - maybe to help one or the other overcome something they never reconciled with 'back then'.  

Remember, when you share these stories I'd love to hear them! Either leave me a link in the comments below or on my FB page. 

Happy Writing!

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