Friday, March 6, 2020


I LOVE Oreos. I'm more of a double-stuff traditionalist myself but there literally is an oreo for everyone. Special flavors and colors during the holidays, thins, single packs ( you know, because some of us need a little help in the serving control department)

I truly don't believe any single snack over the years has been able to compete with an oreo (or 6) and a cold glass of milk. This cookie has stood the test of time and deserves it's special day.

About fourteen years ago I took part in an Oreo stacking contest at our local county fair. I won in my division - twice. I'm just competitive that way :-D

Tell me, what's your favorite Oreo.. and your favorite way to eat them? do you break them apart and lick out the creamy center? Eat them as they are? 

Have you tried Oreo blizzards from Dairy Queen, Oreo milkshakes, or cheese cake?

Share your love for this cookie with the rest of us and on social media.

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