Monday, March 23, 2020


Seriously, who can resist a cute puppy face and those sweet puppy kisses? I know I can't. This sweet boy is a perfect example:

Taken through the screen door, this is the day he showed up on our door step with that 'Can I come in?' look too cute to resist.

HoneyB was approximately six months old when he bounded onto my porch showing his cuteness. He is part Beagle ( a breed I swore I'd never own), part Spaniel and part Basset.

We discovered the Basset after  about the 1 year old mark when he began putting weight on. The Beagle in him is definitely the predominent gene. He scared himself the first time he found his howl. LOL Come August, he will be with us almost six years.

While this is Puppy Day, I thought this a good time to show the Hero's dog in AN OZARK SOLDIER'S HOMECOMING

I can't tell you when this sweet shepherd will make his appearance in the story but I promise you're going to love him!

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Happy Reading!

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