Thursday, March 5, 2020


As writers, I think we sometimes feel as if we have multiple personalities. We hear the voices telling us what we should be writing. We spend time talking out loud to the other person, working out dialogue.

I also believe that sometimes we can get so involved in our stories we tend to take on some of the traits of our characters. Like actors, we immerse ourselves so much into the character in able to really bring them to life.. to make them more real rather than the cardboard figure on the page.

I'm not saying we have a multiple personality disorder but who hasn't had multiple people talking in their head?

I'll never forget a story someone close to me told me once. She'd gone to a mental health professional. He asked if she heard voices. She replied (paraphrasing here) that she was a writer, of course she heard voices. We do.. that's just part of our creative process.

According to the Urban Health website, this day is also set aside for us to get better connected with ourself... go deep into ourself and learn about who we really are, what we truly want or need.

Take some time today to find a quiet place and think about your path. Are there things you've not thought about in a long time? Is there something you wish you'd done.. or not done? Reconcile your inner bank statement... then move ahead. Tomorrow is Oreo Cookie Day!

Now, I need to listen to my characters.

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