Thursday, March 26, 2020


I've known two people with epilepsy. One was a young girl in my high school. Against recommenations she had 2 beautiful children. She left this world too soon as the result of a seizure. There was no one at home to help her. This was before we knew about sensitivity dogs who could be trained to warn of on-coming seizures. Had she known early enough, she could have called someone. 

Fast-forward thirty-four years and I now have a young 'great nephew' who struggles nearly every day. Some days are better than others. The coolest thing is that he has the most amazing support system. We pray every day he will get to stay where he is in his current 'family' situration.

For information on Epilepsy, check out

So today's question is this....

Do you incorporate disabilities into your stories? If so, are there any that call to you? Do you include them to bring awareness? 

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Rememner, author Jodi Thomas joins us tomorrow to kick off the new Writer's Nest series! I hope you'll stop by. 

Happy Writing!

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