Tuesday, March 24, 2020


I had the opportunity to meet Kit several years ago. We met up in Dallas at the now-defunct Romantic Times Convention. First off, I'm so glad I got to at least one before RT disbanded. 

Kit Morgan writes amazing romantic westerns that puts you in the stage or on the horse. The ride doesn't end until you're breathless and wanting more. Like the heroine in all of us, you'll fall for the hero every single time.

The first three books of this are now in print and available on AMAZON

Follow her on FB under Kit Morgan

If you like a little variety in your reading, Kit Morgan also writesSci-Fi Fantasy Romance under Geralyn Beauchamp   I think you'll enjoy her Time Masters series:

All are available on AMAZON Including Book 4 - First Assignment

You'll find her on FB under Geralyn Beauchamp

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